Baby-led posing. This is how you would describe a relaxed, natural, womb-like posing style focused on creating simple, classic, timeless newborn photography. Sometimes parents may think “studio newborn photography” must mean baby is put in awkward positions, posed with many props, bright colors, elaborate set ups etc. That is one style of photography and there are some very talented photographers skilled in that area. However, I am drawn to a very simple approach. My goal is that you see your baby, not the set up.

You see the way they curl, or put their hands over their face, or stretch with a big yawn. I want you to see how small they look in your hands.  There is still posing involved in these Pure Baby sessions, however I am encouraging baby to curl and then letting their body move in a way that is natural to them. I refine their own poses to be sweet and photo perfect while still working with their natural movements.