We all dread it. School picture day. “Say cheese” often right after gym class! A quick snap with who knows what type of smile or expression. We cross our fingers there aren’t too many lunch stains on their shirt and that they hair looks at least semi-normal. We love the photo because its our child but is this really the best way to capture your child through the years?

What is it that we want to remember from these photos? Their sweet cheeks, toothless grin. Maybe a glimpse of their style through their outfit choice that day. Often how their face is changing each year along with their personality.  These quick snap shots after lunch or gym class are not doing these kids justice. Classic Kids Fine Art Portrait sessions in the studio do just that. These freeze their personalities. Their looks. Their expressions. Something is authentic to them at this specific age. These are mini sessions in my east cobb studio. They are just quick enough to keep their interest but just long enough to make sure their personality shines. Your session fee includes a $75 credit to purchase either digital files or a piece of framed wall art. Lets chat and plan your Classic Kids Fine Art portrait session.